Furniture and complements designed by Rampoldi Creations born from a deep search in style, where takes shape the new collection.

Historical research, tipical hand skill of craftsmanship and study of matherials are connected between them to create a lifestyle with furnishing solutions that allow the house a sense of refinement, where a search for elegance lives a continous meeting between past and present.

Thanking to the direct check of the entire productive process, each phase, that brings to the realization of the final product, is submitted to meticulous attention.

The employed essences, the decorations, the exclusive tissues and the quality of the finishings offer innovative ideas and solutions to allow the greatest personalization of the house.

Who choses to furnish his own house as the mirror of the deepest individual values, can find in Rampoldi Creations the answer to his wishes. Proposals born by the passion for furniture tradition and by the wish to improve the quality of the house grant to Infinite Flair collection an unequalled value with rich manufactured particulars and materials of absolute quality.