Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea

In the Domus Aurea collection there is a great elegance, made of chasteness and accuracy, born from a project that does not want to shock at first sight, but to gradually catch attention with the refinement of materials, the harmony of choices and the wise mixture between historical research and innovation.

Domus Aurea collection offers lines which are never excessive, underlines with decent and brilliant details its originality, is able to become precious through the accuracy of its creations.

With self-confidence, it exalts the beauty of sofas and armchairs, the refinement of complements, the elegance of wardrobes and boiserie paneling in lacquered and decorated wood, combined together with the exclusivity of finishes which are the strong distinctive sign of this company.

Everything is merged in a balance which is the less striking, but most true form of luxury.

The production of an exclusive boiserie like Domus Aurea is an adventure that involves and seduces us, a creation experienced day by day in a sequence of unrepeatable moments; seeing the project taking shape means to read an history made of men and of passion for work, of inspirations and thoughts, of great challenges renewed every day and won every day.

Just tell us your dreams, we will be able to make them come true.